Nursing on the Outside

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Wee-man will not nurse while we are out.  Well, that is not entirely true, but it is definitely easier for him to be in the comfort of our own home.  He has almost reached the 6 month mark.  I am learning that this can be a very distracting time for a nursling.  What with everything that is going on around us, who has time to stop and eat?

Wee-man is the type of babe that likes things calm and quite during mealtime.  This is only because if it isn’t, he cannot focus long enough to get his fill.  He will nurse for a few minutes, then *POP* off he goes, wanting to look around at what made that sudden noise, or *POP* what was that flash of light?  Most would see this as no big deal.  “Okay, so he’s finished.  You got away with a short nursing session.”  This, however, is NOT the case.  With every *POP* comes a few minutes of calm, but then Wee-man remembers why he was nursing in the first place…he was HUNGRY!!!  Then begins the crying once again.  This vicious circle could continue from about 10 minutes to a WHOPPING 45 minutes!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the time we spend nursing.  It’s a wonderful bonding experience and  I love every minute of it.  What most don’t realise is this *POP* is not just a gentle letting go of my nipple, no.  It is just as it sounds, a tug of my nipple and *POP* is the sound that is made when Wee-man finally pulls away far enough to unlatch, sometimes quite painfully. Needless to say, some days I end up rather sore, and wishing that I had stayed home all day.

The pain of course vanishes quickly when I look down and see these large brown eyes looking up at me with a huge smile on his face, milk trickling out of the corner of his mouth.  The pain is followed by a purely joyous feeling.  My baby is growing, and curious about his world around him.  It is no longer solely Momma and him.  There are other things going on around him constantly, and he is realising this more and more every day.

So, I could sit at home until Wee-man weans himself, to avoid a little nipple pain, or I could just suck it up (pun intended) and continue to nurse on the outside and enjoy watching my babe learn about the world around him, one *POP* at a time.


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