New year, new hobbies, new distractions!


Just before Christmas, I started on a new adventure….crocheting! 
For anyone who belongs to the cult of crocheting, you know how much fun I have been having learning all I can, and creating new things. 
It was a little tricky at first, due to the fact that I am a lefty.  I finally found a few tutorials on YouTube, and am now working on a few projects! 
I started out with dishcloths, once I could create a straight square (my first attempt at a square turned out looking like what Princess called “soundswaves, you know the picture of sound you can see on the computer.”), which I ended up giving to family and friends as Christmas gifts!  They loved them!
I have now moved on to hats, which are SO MUCH FUN, and I was just given a pattern for crocheted “spiral-scrubbies.” My interpretation of the use of these things is kind of in replace of steel wool.
Along with my new found hobby, I have gained a few new friends!  A friend of mine added me to a facebook group she belongs to, as well as invited me along to one of her knitting nights with some lovely ladies!  I will definitely be going again next week!  Wee-man will be tagging along this time, because I may be out pretty late.
Now, with joining this wonderful group on facebook, and spending time with “the girls,” I have been introduced to one more thing… RAVELRY!!!!!! (This is a *WARNING*… if you have a life, children to tend to, a job, even a goldfish, perhaps clicking on the link is NOT your best choice.  This site is the social networking place to be for knitters and crocheters{is that even a word?} It is like crack…once you’re there, you are sucked into a pattern searching, friend making, project posting vortex of the interweb, never to be heard from again… I finally broke free long enough to write this post, but I’ll be back…we always go back!  I am serious though, this week has been like having a newborn all over again.  I am sleep deprived, haven’t showered in days{ok that’s a lie…}, I can’t find my kitchen counter, and I hope someone has been feeding my children….)
I know there has been some time between this and my last post, but in order to keep my sanity, and love of writing, I just can’t be trying to post everyday right now.
I am heading back to my new addiction, ahem, I mean hobby.  If you don’t hear from me in a week, send a search party, they should find me sitting on my couch, surrounded by yarn, hooks, and a laptop!



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