Friday Fill-in

Too true!  Let them be kids.  Let them explore…Love them and keep them safe, but they need freedom to grow.


Soon to come

Well, it seems that my connection is back up and running again (for how long we will see…) I just wanted to let you all know that I will be posting a few things in the next day or so, and I haven’t forgotten any of you! Thank you for hanging in there and checking back regularly.

A few things I will be posting shortly:

– A day at the beach with my family
– A taboo topic: depression and mental illness
– breastfeeding carnival/entry in the carnival,  soon to come from: The Leaky B@@b!

– homemade puree day!  With pics! (yes i devote an entire day to this {with the daily interuptions of course}, saves me from doing it so frequently)

– and more!  Stay tuned!

Letter of Appology

I just wanted to quickly let everyone (if I even have any regular readers!) that I haven’t forgotten you!  I have been faced with pesky internet issues and hope to have them resolved A.S.A.P!  I do have a post that I started last week almost ready to go up.  Hopefully I’ll be back up and running regularly again sometime through the week.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  MiSSa

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