MIA/not feelin the bloggy vibe


I guess I should start off by apologising.  I haven’t blogged in more than a few months, and I didn’t even leave a post as to why.  The reason for this is because I, myself do not know why exactly.  I guess I didn’t think anyone really read it anyway.  I guess I just wasn’t feeling all that up to sharing details of my boring, everyday life.  I guess after reading so many different mommy blogs that I enjoy, I just felt I didn’t have that much to contribute to make it worth your time to read.  I guess…. I was just feeling crummy about my abilities…about myself.

This happens when you battle depression everyday of your life.  I do believe it is just that.  A battle.  I love a fellow blogger’s explanation. At Raising My Boychick,

Spoon theory, to summarize, states that we have a limited number of units of energy, coping ability, what-have-you (measured in spoons, of course), and everything we do takes some number of units. Nondisabled people have if not an infinite number then a plentiful supply; and what’s more, they are (more or less by definition) easily replenished. People with various disabilities (mobility, energy, psychiatric, mood/emotional, and so on) might have a smaller number, need to spend more going about daily life, have difficulties getting them back, or have more dire consequences should they run out.

Anyway, enough about all that.  What I really wanted to let you all know, is that I have decided to try this blogging thing again.  I have a lot I feel that I could share with fellow moms, and even if it’s not worth reading to everyone, maybe one person might enjoy what I have to say.  For that one person, I am going to try again!  I have had some support (not forgetting any of you) and I thank you.  Thank you for believing in me, when I didn’t believe in myself or my abilities.  Please bear with me while I try to get back into the swing of things.  I don’t think I’m going to pressure myself to have a blogging “schedule.”  I think I will just blog whenever something comes to mind.  That being said, I am going to crawl into bed with my co-sleeping wee-man (whom is now 10 months old!!!!) and call it a night.  I’ll be back soon however…especially if someone decides that 4am is still a good time to get up and play for 2-3 hours.



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  1. meg
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 01:22:02

    i read you LOL… in more ways than the obvious. i felt the same when i first started, and heck — prob about once a month too. its all part of the learning of life that we have to learn to be confident in ourselves. people feel intimidated by others all the time… lesson is to learn something from it. make yourself stronger, or find you super special something.

    so keep it up chicky.
    and dont beat yourself up for not telling us everything about your every thought every single day


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