Playdate fit for a “Princess” (or two!)

Princess playdate fun

I don’t normally post on weekends, but seeing as I have been slacking at getting things up and running, I thought I would get this up as early as I could.

Yesterday, Princess had a friend over to play for the day.  While we were out shopping earlier in the week we found these:

Princess cupcake baking and decorating kit

The perfect activity for 2 girls, that should fill up at least 2 hours of the day. When Princess 2 arrived at 8am, Momma (myself) was busy with Wee-man’s morning routine.  We finished up our morning nursing session, had some yummy barley cereal (Unfortunately the brand of cereal I use (Beechnut) only has one beginner cereal which is the most popular: rice.  So, we have switched to Heinz just for the time being until he can start 6 month cereals.)  The Princesses went up to her room to play for a while.

I have come to notice quite quickly that 2 very active, excitable girls don’t do one thing for very long.  They were up, down, up, down for about an hour until they finally found something they wanted to do.  This activity took them to the front balcony, where they stayed for quite some time (Don’t be fooled however, they came to ask about the cupcake activity about a bazillion times!)

Fitting: Princesses and castles

Lunch was next.  They ate out on the balcony and came in with clean plates.

At this point I had ruined the first batch of cupcakes… While trying to be super-mama, doing too many things at once, I noticed that I forgot to put the egg into the cupcake batter!  They came out looking like burnt chocolate volcanoes.  Thank goodness for wonderful parents… The Nana just happened to have a box of chocolate chunk brownie mix in her pantry, which we have turned into brownie cakes, and will ice those instead.

Try again?

I might add here that Wee-man has been such a trooper all day!

Watching me bake the 1st batch of volcanoes, er, cupcakes

On to the cakes!  Momma baked, cooled, iced, and tidied.

While icing the “cupcakes,” Wee-man decided he’d been enough of a trooper today, and it was his turn for some attention.  So, it was baby-wearing time of the day.  Momma wore Wee-man in the wrap carrier while nursing him, in order to finish up icing the cupcakes. (May I add here that I would like to kiss the inventor of this thing?  I don’t know what I would do without it sometimes!)

Looooooooooooove the wrap sling!!!
M-U-L-T-I T-A-S-K! Icing cupcakes and nursing!

The Princesses decorated 3 “cupcakes” each.  Visiting Princess ate one and took her other 2 home with her (I’m sure she would have eaten all of them, but her father arrived to pick her up just as we were finishing,) while my little Princess ate all 3 of hers in one sitting… (I am going to have one HUGE sugar rush to deal with in about 10 minutes.)  All in all, our first playdate of summer went quite well.

"painting" the cupcakes (it is food colouring)

Momma's finished works of art. (ok so I'm no Picasso...)

"Look at my blue teeth!!!" (some potent food dye...)

While baking the first batch of cupcakes (The egg-less failures,) I started to remember Princess’ first birthday cake.  It was shaped and iced to resemble “Winnie the Pooh” (and look like Winnie did it ever!)  It was a delicious, moist, chocolate cake.  I was having this flashback because the cupcakes smelled just like the cake did (and I didn’t bake it, but I could smell the cake the second we cut into it.)  Princess had a piece of cake, which I know some parents wouldn’t agree with, but I didn’t see any harm in it at the time.  This got me doing some thinking.  Wee-man was in his high chair watching Momma washing up some of the cupcake dishes.  I looked at him, and wondered what I would present to him on his first birthday.  Would it be a chocolate cake just like his older sister?  I now question my judgement… Did giving her sweets at such a young age cause any “issues” today?  Princess has always been on the “peckish” side when it comes to eating, and does have quite the aversion to sweets.  Perhaps I could come up with a “baby-friendly” version of a birthday cake…  Again with differences!

Well, I receive many complements when it comes to my Princess, so I must have done right by her in some aspect.  I will continue to make different choices this time around, when it pertains to Wee-man.  I also know there will be certain things I won’t change.  I’ll keep you in the loop.

What are some of your favourite playdate activities?

Would you give your one year old birthday cake?

Feel free to post your comments, and I look forward to sharing many more exciting adventures with you!


P.S. Sorry about the blurry pictures…I was going snap-happy with my mobile phone.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Trisha
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 09:53:49

    Hmm what would be a good activity for a play date you ask well there are a few…. how about painting your shirt or ummm even tie die shirts …. maybe even a day where u each do each others nails ill keep u posted on what else i come up with
    would i give my child cake on her first birthday for sure i would i find it so much fun watching their face when the cake is put infront of them but i do agree maybe seeing if there is a baby friendly cake or something that would be just as good … keep up the great work missa


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